Liberty Mutual Car Insurance Claims

The Liberty Mutual Group – better known as Liberty Mutual – is an international insurance company which offers a diverse range of insurance products. According to statistics issued in 2009, it is the 5th largest casualty and property insurer in the USA, based on the number of premiums sold. This Boston-based company is listed as 71st in the 2010 edition of Fortune 500 and has more than 45,000 employees spread over 900 locations worldwide. In property and casualty insurance terms, it is the 5th largest in America and boasts an A (excellent) rating from A M Best Co, the company renowned for its analysis of insurance companies in the US. An amazing 91% of Liberty Mutual’s customers renew their policies with the company annually.

Liberty Mutual offers a wide ranging portfolio of insurance services and products, some of which are personal and commercial auto insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, general liability insurance, homeowners insurance, and fire and surety insurance.

Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance

Liberty Mutual’s vehicle insurance, which includes scooters and motorcycles, claims to have very competitive options to offer its customers. These options include cost cutting benefits and specific features to assist their customers should they need to make a claim on their policy.

In the case of an accident, over and above the basic coverage associated with motor vehicle insurance, the company promises to cover personal liability and personal injury costs, plus medical payments (where necessary). The replacement of the vehicle or unlimited rental while your vehicle is being repaired is also promised.

With certain policies, should your motorcycle be stolen or be declared a total loss during the first year of its insurance, the car insurance company claims that no depreciation loss percentage will be taken into account and its full value will be paid out.

Liberty Mutual customer service is available by telephone 24/7. The auto insurance company even offers an emergency roadside help program.

History of Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual was established in 1912 as The Massachusetts Employees’ Insurance Association, after a law was passed in the state enforcing employer protection of their employees by giving them compensation insurance coverage. In 1914, the first branch office opened and, later that same year, Liberty Mutual wrote its first auto insurance policy.

In 1917, the company changed its name to Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, signaling the beginning of new partnerships, and the evolution of full coverage auto insurance policies. 1964 saw the emergence of life insurance coverage through its subsidiary, Liberty Life Assurance; and in 2002 it once again evolved into its present status of a mutual holding company.

Liberty Mutual has bought several large companies over the years, the most notable being the Safeco Corporation in 2008, at the cost of approximately $6.2 billion. Liberty Mutual Group’s financial results at the end of December 2008 showed consolidated assets of $104.3 billion and consolidated liabilities of $94.2 billion. Annual consolidated revenue was calculated at $28.9 billion that year.

A subsidiary of the company established in 1954, the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, studies occupational safety and workers’ health issues. Its scientific division is responsible for publishing guidelines on machine safety and ergonomics that have led to national as well international safety standards.

The Liberty Mutual Group wholly or partially owns insurance operations worldwide, located as far afield as South America, Asia and Europe.

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