Low Impact Car Accident – North Miami Attorney Recovers $125,000

A routine visit to a North Miami Beach gas station changed the life of our young client forever. Our client, a 39 year old married woman had just filled her car with gas and was waiting to exit the gas station. As she was about to pull out of the gas station she was suddenly struck in the rear of her vehicle by a tow truck. Our client described a strong impact to her car, yet there was very little property damage to her car. The lack of damage was due to the fact that the tow truck was travelling at less than 15 mph at the time of the impact and the fact that her car had a flexible rear bumper.

Shortly after the North Miami car accident Attorneys Dell & Schaefer were hired. Not surprisingly, within days after the accident, the tow truck driver’s insurance company took the position that the impact was not strong enough to injure our client.

It is very common for low-impact car accidents to cause serious injuries. Our North Miami Beach personal injury lawyers have handled hundreds of car accident cases every year and have worked with the country’s best experts in order to prove that property damage is not necessary to cause an injury.

Our client’s neck, back and shoulder were bothering her immediately after the accident, but it was her neck and shoulder that suffered the most damage. With our law firm’s assistance, our client sought treatment from multiple orthopedic doctors. She underwent extensive diagnostic testing and physical therapy. The MRI and X-rays she underwent revealed a shoulder tear and multiple herniated disk in her neck. The client underwent a few months of physical therapy and some injections in her neck and back. In order to alleviate her pain, the client underwent an arthroscopic shoulder surgery and nerve ablation procedure in her neck.

She was very concerned about her significant medical expenses, however we advised her medical doctors that a case was pending and they agreed to wait for payment until the resolution of the case. The neck and shoulder surgical procedures helped our client to alleviate a significant amount of her pain.

Due to the insurance company’s refusal to pay a reasonable amount for our client’s injuries, Attorneys Dell & Schaefer filed a civil lawsuit in Dade County Florida seeking recovery for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. The lawsuit certainly got the attention of the tow truck company as the case was resolved within a short time after filing suit. The client was extremely happy that all of her medical expenses were covered, lost wages were paid, and that she received additional money for her pain and suffering.

The client elected to settle her case as she was concerned that a jury would question if her injuries could have been caused with very little damage to her car. This case was a very good outcome and we are pleased that our client was happy with our services.

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