Margate Automobile Accident victim injures lower back

A 21 year old Margate, Florida student was injured when a vehicle lost control and struck his vehicle while headed southbound on 441, near Margate Blvd. Our client was previously diagnosed with spinal cancer and was recovering from spinal surgery at the time of this accident.

Though the accident did not cause an excessive amount of property damage, our client was in a fragile state at the time of the accident, making him very susceptible to traumatic injury. He was immediately rushed to the emergency room at Broward Health Center where it was determined that there was no aggravation of the previous surgical procedure which had been performed on his neck, but that he had suffered a sprain/strain of his lower back. He was discharged from the hospital and instructed to seek follow-up care. He immediately sought medical attention from a board certified spinal surgeon who ordered MRIs of his neck and lower back. The neck (cervical spine) MRI re-confirmed that the prior surgical procedure had not been affected in any way and that our client continued to heal properly from this procedure.

The lower back (lumbar spine) MRI revealed a posterior disc herniation which was impinging upon the anterior thecal sac. Our client was very concerned with this MRI result as it was possible he would require future surgical intervention. An epidural steroid injection was performed in order to alleviate our client’s lower back pain. The procedure was a great success, providing our client with immediate pain relief.

The Margate automobile accident attorneys from the Law Office of Dell & Schaefer made a claim against Liberty Mutual, the insurance company for the Defendant. It was obvious that the Defendant was liable for this accident and so the only question was whether our client was injured in this accident. The Defendant’s insurance company attempted to argue that our client’s spinal cancer caused a degenerative spinal condition and that this accident was not the sole cause of his back problems.

Our attorneys began to prepare his case for lawsuit but were able to settle the case prior to filing suit. The settlement enabled our client to receive compensation for the cost of his medical care, his pain and suffering and future pain and suffering, as well as the cost of his future medical care which could possibly include a low-back surgery. Though our client was concerned about the prospects of having a future low-back surgery, he was very happy with the outcome of his settlement considering he would now be able to afford a future surgery.

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