Miami Automobile Accident Victim Injures Lower Back

A 36 year old Miami, Florida delivery man was injured when a tow-truck rear-ended his vehicle. Our client was on his way to his job making deliveries for a popular pizza chain when he was unexpectedly rear-ended by a tow truck driver while stopped at a red light.

The Defendant told the arriving police officer that he was distracted because he was looking for a specific vehicle that he was requested to tow. Unfortunately, the tow-truck driver’s mistake caused our client to be violently thrown about within his vehicle and also caused significant property damage to our client’s vehicle.

Our client was rushed to the ER at Jackson Memorial Hospital and treated for whiplash and lower back pain. X-rays were taken which were unremarkable. Our client was discharged from the hospital and instructed to seek follow-up care. Our client immediately sought medical attention from a local chiropractor. The chiropractor ordered MRIs of our client’s neck and lower back. The neck (cervical) MRI was unremarkable but the lower back (lumbar) MRI revealed several disk bulges across several levels of our client’s lumbar spine. The chiropractor immediately referred our client to a board certified orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic doctor confirmed that our client had suffered may disk bulges in his lumbar spine. He recommended that our client receive physical therapy for his injuries in an effort to alleviate his painful symptoms.

Our client reported vast improvement of his painful condition after several weeks of physical therapy. The insurance company for the tow-truck driver did not argue liability as it was clear that their driver failed to use due care. Instead, they argued that our client’s injuries were not significant enough to warrant a large settlement.

The Miami Automobile Accident Attorneys at the Law Office of Dell & Schaefer were able to demonstrate that although our client’s injures were not serious enough to warrant a surgical procedure, they were extremely painful at times. The attorneys argued that the pain worsened every time our client made his deliveries because of the extended time he spent sitting in his vehicle coupled with the frequent lifting involved.

Our attorneys were able to negotiate a settlement of this case that was not only fair but able to compensate our client for his pain and suffering as well as his future pain and suffering. Our client was greatly appreciative of this outcome as he was able to afford future chiropractic care and massage therapy sessions which he reported provided him with a great deal of pain relief.

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