Miami Beach Auto Accident Settles for $95,000.00

Our client, a 22 year old student, was visiting Miami Beach with a group of friends during her spring vacation. She was in a taxi on her way out to dinner, when the taxi was rear ended by a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed.

Following the accident, she was taken by ambulance to the emergency room at Mount Sinai Medical Center. Our client was examined, x-rayed, and treated for injuries to her neck, back, and shoulder. She also received 6 stitches in her head from a laceration she sustained when her head hit the back of the driver’s seat after impact.

Unfortunately, her injuries ruined her vacation, and she was forced to fly home 2 days later. The stitches in her head prevented her from relaxing in the sun and she was also prohibited from swimming. Additionally, her neck and back pain was initially debilitating. Upon returning home to New York, our client came under the care of an orthopedic surgeon who immediately referred her to physical therapy. A week later, her stitches were removed and she was left with a small scar just under the hair line on the top of her head.

After three months of physical therapy, our client returned to her orthopedic surgeon who released her from care. She made a good recovery from her injuries but still suffered from some residual back pain. Her doctor stated that she had reached maximum medical improvement and that she sustained a 5% permanent partial disability as a result of this accident.

Our client retained Miami Beach auto accident attorneys Dell & Schaefer to represent her in making an injury claim against the at fault driver. After the case was prepared and presented to the insurance company for the defendant, a $20,000.00 offer was made to our client. The insurance company stated that the scar was barely visible in photographs and that the back injury was not permanent.

The offer was so unreasonable that a lawsuit was filed in the Circuit Court of Miami-Dade County. After a short course of discovery and our client’s deposition, attorneys Dell & Schaefer was able to settle our client’s case for $95,000.00. She was extremely satisfied with the negotiated settlement and the fact that she did not have to return to Florida for a jury trial.

Our client successfully completed her school year and was planning to return to Miami Beach next spring for a better vacation.

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