Miami Beach Motorcycle Accident Results in a $100,000 Policy Limit Settlement

Miami Beach is a famous destination for tourists and Floridians alike. On certain holidays such as Memorial Day and Labor Day, many of the streets are closed to vehicular traffic in order to allow the excess amount of visitors to roam the streets on foot. One popular method of getting around the beach is by rental scooter. It is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to get around without the worry of getting caught in a traffic jam. Our client, a 23 year-old student who was visiting Miami Beach on Spring break, never expected that a one day scooter rental would change his life forever.

Miami Beach Auto Accident Victim Gets Hit By Vehicle Driving On The Wrong Side Of The Road

Though the roads in Miami Beach are mostly two-way streets, there is the occasional one-way street tucked into many Miami-Beach neighborhoods. Unfortunately for our client, many drivers in Miami Beach are not used to traversing a one-way street. Our client found this out the hard way when he was struck, while driving a scooter, by an 86 year-old woman in a large sedan. The woman was attempting to make a left-hand turn onto Espanola Way from Pennsylvania Avenue and struck our client head-on while he was headed west on Espanola Way. The accident caused our client to flip, face first, off of the scooter and strike the hood of the Defendant’s car. Our client was immediately rushed to Jackson Memorial hospital with a large facial laceration, as well as right-arm pain. His facial wound was closed with 11 stitches and x-rays were taken of his right arm. The x-rays revealed a non-displaced fracture of the humerus (upper arm).

Facial Scarring is a Horrible Injury Following a Scooter Accident in Miami Beach

Though our client’s facial wound appeared to be healing nicely after the accident, he soon realized he would have a visible scar forever. There was nothing the doctors could do to ensure that the scarring would eventually go away. Luckily, the non-displaced humerus fracture would not require surgery and would heal on its own. His arm was placed in a cast which he wore for approximately 2 months. Though he initially reported his arm pain to be “unbearable”, he stated that the pain dissipated as time went on.

Miami Beach Auto Accident Attorneys Dell And Schaefer Settle The Case Of The “Wrong-Way” Driver For Policy Limits Of $100,000

The Defendant in this case was negligent by traveling the wrong way down a one-way street. Our car accident attorneys investigated and discovered that the 86 year-old defendant had not been administered an eye exam in several decades and hadn’t been tested by the DMV for her driving abilities in as many years. She stated to the arriving officers that he hadn’t noticed that there were one-way streets in Miami Beach and had driven those streets for years. Her license was later revoked as it was shown she had vision issues which impaired her driving. The insurance company for the Defendant agreed to tender their $100,000.00 bodily injury policy limits after our attorneys were able to prove how serious and long lasting our client’s injuries were.

Unfortunately for our client, he will never forget his experience in Miami Beach during Spring break. He later stated he would be reluctant to ever drive a scooter or motorcycle again.

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