Miami Beach Woman Sues King Cole Condo After Slip and Fall

The last place anyone should feel unsafe is their own home. Unfortunately, for one Florida woman, she suffered a serious slip and fall injury at her condominium complex. According to court records, she was leaving her condo unit to walk her dog. The Miami Beach woman slipped and fell on a buckled carpet in the hallway and sued King Cole Condominium.

Evidence showed that King Cole was well aware of the hazardous carpet. Numerous residents complained about the slip and fall hazard, but King Cole neglected to repair it. The trial court saw it differently and ruled against the victim, saying she knew of the “open and obvious” hazard. The woman appealed her case to the higher court.

On appeal, the court ruled that King Condo also knew of the hazard but failed to fix it. The defendant knew that the carpet created an unreasonable risk for its residents and had a legal obligation to correct it. The appellate court said that a jury should decide the case.

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