Dell & Schaefer Recovers $235k for a Miami woman hit by truck in parking lot

Our client, a 41 year old woman from Miami, was backing out of a parking space in a warehouse parking lot, when a tractor-trailer backed into her car. She was badly shaken up in the accident and subsequently developed significant neck pain. She sought treatment with an orthopedic surgeon, who diagnosed her with herniated discs in her neck. Based upon her symptoms and MRI findings, the doctor determined the need for surgery. Our client underwent a cervical fusion in which her discs were removed and vertebrae in her neck were fused together.

Our client retained Dell & Schaefer to help her recover for her injuries. The insurance company for the Canadian trucking company claimed that our client was at fault by backing into the truck. They also alleged that due to the relatively minor property damage to the car, our client could not have sustained such serious injuries. Discovery, including depositions of the truck’s driver and passenger, was undertaken. Despite conflicting evidence from the witnesses, and after mediation, we were able to successfully negotiate a settlement of $235,000 for our client to compensate her for her injuries.

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