Motorcyclist Killed in Alachua Truck Accident

A motorcyclist was killed in an Alachua truck accident on October 4. The motorcyclist was heading northbound on U.S. 441 when an Alachua County school district warehouse truck heading southbound attempted to make a left turn and struck the motorcycle. The motorcycle landed on top of its operator, and he died on the scene.

The driver of the school district truck was not injured and has worked with the district since 1989 with no previous accidents. He is now on administrative leave while an investigation into the accident continues.

Large commercial trucks are extremely dangerous vehicles when drivers are negligent or reckless. Often, when drivers are careless or fatigued, they do not bother to check blind spots or use proper signals on the road, which can result in fatal accidents. Florida truck drivers and their company owners are required to follow state and federal regulations that are in place to protect drivers and other motorists on the road. Truck drivers will often change their logbooks and drive over extended periods, resulting in driver fatigue that can cause carelessness on Florida roads. Truck accidents can cause catastrophic injuries such as brain and spinal cord injuries, broken limbs, burns and even death.

The injury lawyers at Dell & Schaefer have been representing victims of Florida truck accidents for years and are dedicated to providing experienced legal counsel for those who have suffered at the hands of a negligent truck driver. We recently settled a case for $1 million when a commercial truck caused a vehicle to rollover into a canal, killing a 52-year-old man. Through reconstructionists and other experts, we proved the truck driver was at fault and won a wrongful death action against the owner and driver of the truck.

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