Naples Car Accident Attorney Battles to Obtain $735,000 Settlement for a 27 Old Woman

Sometimes injuries that do not seem severe immediately following a car accident can worsen over time, requiring surgery and a significant time for recovery. It is important to make sure that an injured person is at maximum medical improvement before entering into a settlement with a car insurance company. Our job as car accident attorneys is to obtain a maximum top dollar recover for our clients.

A Lack Of Pain At The Accident Scene Does Not Mean You Are Not Injured

Our client was a 27 year old waitress who was the passenger in a car driving on I-75 just outside of Naples, Collier County, Florida. Another car was passing them on the left, but made an improper lane change, striking the car our client was in, and forcing it into a concrete barrier on the side of the road. As a result of the impact, our client was badly shaken up, but refused treatment on the scene. We always recommend that our clients report all injuries to a doctor or hospital immediately following an accident.

Car Accident Results In Multiple Surgeries

Upon her return to her home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, our client sought treatment with a chiropractor, complaining about her neck, back and knee. She underwent chiropractic treatment for many months, without much improvement, so she then sought help from an orthopedic surgeon. He diagnosed her with a herniated disc in the thoracic spine, chondromalacia in the knee, and sprains to her neck and back. It was determined that she would need surgery for her knee, and she therefore underwent an arthroscopic surgery to repair the knee injury.

The operation was successful, and she was able to regain relatively pain-free use of the knee. Unfortunately, her back continued to worsen, and ultimately she underwent a fusion on her thoracic spine. This is not a common surgery, because mid-back herniations are less common than herniations in the neck or low back. The surgery was successful, but she was never able to get full relief from the back pain.

Dell & Schaefer Investigates and Fights Hard To Get Large Settlements for Client

Our client hired Naples car accident attorney Dell & Schaefer to represent her against the person the caused the auto accident. The other driver claimed that he had done nothing wrong, and that the car that our client was in veered into his lane. As result of disputed liability and seriousness of our client’s injuries, we immediately filed a lawsuit. The litigation in the case was very hard fought since the defendant claimed that the person driving our client’s car was at fault.

During litigation Attorneys Dell & Schaefer sough out and interviewed every eye witness. In addition we hired an accident reconstruction expert in order to prove that our client’s vehicle could not have been at fault. After several depositions and several months of litigation, the claim was resolved at mediation prior to trial. The client wanted to avoid a risky trial and agreed to settle her claim for a very reasonable settlement of $735,000. This was an excellent result, given the contested liability and the fact that our client had some pre-existing physical problems which may not have been caused by the accident.

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