Naples Auto Accident Attorney Rejects $30,000 and wins $125,000.00 Verdict

Most auto accident cases don’t go to trial, but when a car insurance company makes a low ball offer it is necessary to go the distance. Unlike most personal injury lawyers that just settle cases, the lawyers at Dell & Schaefer are prepared to take our cases to trial. In a recent trial that took place in Naples, Florida, our trial attorneys were able to reject a $30,000 offer and receive a $125,000 jury verdict.

The Facts: Naples Auto Accident Resulting in Sevre Neck and Back Injuries

Our client, a thirty five year old man, was driving home from work. When he arrived at the corner of Gulf Shore Boulevard and 9th Ave, the car directly behind him rear ended his vehicle at a high rate of speed. The force from the impact caused our client’s vehicle to launch forward into oncoming traffic causing a second collision. Our client immediately felt pain in his upper, middle, and lower back, which grew worse as time progressed. Due to his severe pain at the scene of the accident, the ambulance rushed our client to Naples Community Hospital. The Emergency Room doctor diagnosed our client with a minor concussion, whiplash, as well as a strain/sprain to the neck and back. The Emergency Room Doctor prescribed Acetaminophen for the resulting headaches related to a concussion and advised our client to see an orthopedic surgeon for injuries to his back.

Our client sought the care and medical treatment from a local orthopedic surgeon for the pain in his neck and back. After a physical examination the orthopedic surgeon diagnosed our client with sprain/strain to the neck and lower back. The doctor ordered an MRI of both the cervical and lumbar spine. The MRI revealed a disc herniation in the cervical spine at C4-C5 as well as a disc herniation in the lumbar spine at L5-S1. The doctor determined that the disc herniations in the cervical and lumbar spine were a direct result of the trauma sustained in the auto accident. The doctor prescribed epidural injections at both herniated levels. The doctor then administered the epidural injections under fluoroscopy.


Shortly after the accident, our client retained the Naples Auto Accident Attorneys, Dell and Schaefer to represent him for his claim for damages against the Insurance Company. Dell and Schaefer presented a claim for outstanding medical bills, pain and suffering, and one month of lost wages. The Insurance Company initially offered our client $30,000 for his damages. Our client rejected the low-ball offer and filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Collier County. After a four day trial, the jury returned a verdict for $125,000. This case is currently on appeal.

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