Orlando Bus Accident Injures Seven

On July 18, an Orlando bus accident occurred near the intersection of University Boulevard and Goldenrod Road. Seven people were injured and rushed to the hospital.

The accident involved an Orange County Lynx bus and a car that was traveling on the same road. Although the injuries were reported were not life-threatening, there was no further information about their severity. It is possible that the victims may have suffered broken bones, lacerations, deep bruises, and extremely severe pain.

Drivers of large vehicles like buses do not always handle the vehicle in a responsible manner. Crashes can result if they drive the bus recklessly or choose to operate while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They also may be forced to work long hours without the opportunity to rest. Other drivers on the road may drive aggressively near the bus and force it into situations that result in crashes.

Thousands of people die in bus accidents every year, and countless more suffer extremely serious injuries. Negligent bus drivers and bus companies must be held accountable for the harm their mistakes cause.

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