Parking Lot Slip and Fall – Oil and Water

Attorney Dennis SchaeferAuthor: Attorney Dennis Schaefer

It is very common in every parking lot in the country that there are spots with an accumulation of oil. Oil drips from the under carriage of the automobiles parked there, and sometimes even when the cars are being driven in the parking lots. The parking lot owners or the management companies are responsible for keeping them safe. They are required to have them cleaned and “deoiled” on a regular basis. There exists an implied invitation to park in the lots. There is a requirement that they are safe.

When it rains and the parking lots are wet a greater risk is created in an oily parking lot. Firstly, oil and water create and even more slippery condition than oil alone. Secondly, with a layer of water above the oil it is impossible to see the potential hazard. This is when a poorly maintained parking lot is at its most dangerous for people walking upon it.

Oil-on-Parking-lotOur client was leaving a major department store and walking to her car. She was carrying her purse in one hand and a shopping bag with handles in the other. As she approached her car she headed for the back door drivers side. The cars that were previously next to her were gone, leaving two open spots next to her driver’s side. As she walked through the middle of the adjacent spot heading for her car, her feet slipped out from under her and she flew up in the air landing on her back and head. She was immediately injured and had to be removed from the scene by emergency rescue.

Her clothes were wet and oily. The EMS workers also indicated the wet oily condition of the parking lot floor where our client fell. Dell and Schaefer immediately investigated the area. Our staff took measurements and photos of the area. Ultimately we were able to secure a significant settlement for our client based upon her injuries and other economic losses. Always feel confident to call Dell and Schaefer and allow us to consult with you on any questions you might about a potential case. We are always happy to speak with you.

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