Pembroke Pines Car Accident Attorney Obtains $100,000 Following Wrongful Death

Our client’s family retained our law firm following a horrible event resulting in death. The decedent had just escaped an attempted robbery on the side of US1 in Pembroke Pines. He had been walking down US1 at the time of the incident. At some point, two armed convicted felons stopped the client and attempted to take his wallet. In order to escape the robbers, the client attempted to run across US1.

As he was running across US1, the client was struck by a passing vehicle. His body became stuck in the vehicle’s windshield. Terrified, the driver of the vehicle leapt out of her car. The vehicle continued to drive down the street, now without a driver and our client’s body lodged in the windshield. At some point, the driver-less vehicle drove off of the road and slammed into a tree next to US1. Our client tragically died in the accident.

Pembroke Pines Accident Attorneys Dell & Schaefer filed a personal injury law suit against the driver of the vehicle. The attorneys at Dell & Schaefer argued that the driver was negligent when she leapt out of her vehicle on US1. This allowed the vehicle to continue down the street without a driver, eventually slamming into a tree.

The defense attorneys for the driver’s insurance company argued that the client probably died when the vehicle initially hit the client on US1. The attorneys handling the case at Dell & Schaefer responded that there was no evidence of that and that it was more likely that the client died when the driver-less vehicle hit the tree on the side of US1. That argument was successful, and the attorneys at Dell & Schaefer were able to successfully settle the case for the driver’s full policy limits of $100,000. Although nothing could ever make the driver’s family fully whole, the settlement has contributed to compensating the victim’s family for their loss.

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