Pembroke Pines Attorneys Dell & Schaefer Settle Case for $45,000 Despite Original Dismissal

When you pursue personal injury litigation, there may be “ups and downs” as the case proceeds. Judges, for example, have the ability to dismiss a case. When this happens, you may become pessimistic and feel that the battle has been lost.

Nevertheless, if you are the Plaintiff in a personal injury case that has hit significant roadblocks, do not fret. There are ways around these obstacles. The following story illustrates the point.

Pembroke Pines Accident Leads to Neck and Back Injuries

Our client was a fifty-six year-old woman. At the time of her accident, she was shopping in the grocery store with her husband. Our client spent approximately fifteen minutes in the grocery store and then proceeded to leave. Unfortunately, as our client was exiting the front door of the store, her foot encountered a mat that was laid unevenly in the front of the store. Our client’s foot became tangled, and she crashed to the ground.

Our client badly injured her head, neck and back – amongst other body parts. After the fall, blood poured down our client’s face from a cut located on her head. Our client’s neck and back were also immediately in pain.

Following the accident, our client was taken immediately to the emergency room of a hospital in the area. X-rays were performed. Our client was also prescribed pain-killing medication, told to follow up with a local doctor and discharged from the hospital.

After being discharged from the hospital, our client quickly presented to a Doctor in the area who could treat her injuries. That Doctor put our client on a strict course of physical therapy. Our client began to go to physical therapy multiple times a week for several months. This clearly wasn’t easy for our client and made the rest of her life much more difficult.

Pembroke Pines Trip & Fall Law Firm Dell & Schaefer Settles Case for $45,000

Following the physical therapy, a lawsuit was filed on our client’s behalf. The case proceeded smoothly until the defense attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the case. After the hearing on that motion, the case was dismissed.

Our client was understandably distressed by the outcome. She had been injured due to the fault of the grocery store, and now she was stuck paying her own medical bills!

Nevertheless, our client soon made the decision to appeal the case. The appeal lasted over a year, but it was eventually successful. The case was reinstated, and the lawsuit began in earnest.

With the case now alive, the lawyers at the Pembroke Pines Trip & Fall Law Firm Dell & Schaefer argued that our client had been an extremely active woman before the accident. For example, she had gone to the gym each and every day. Following the accident, our client became much more sedentary. She could no longer go to the gym often like she used to and, when she did, it was much harder for her to do the exercises she used to do.

These arguments helped us to settle our client’s case for $45,000. Our client was happy with the result. Whereas she had once had her case completely dismissed, she had now achieved a $45,000 settlement.

If you’ve encountered “speed bumps” in your personal injury litigation, do not become overly pessimistic. These temporary obstacles are common and can be overcome. The Pembroke Pines Trip & Fall Attorneys at Dell & Schaefer know how to navigate the dangerous waters of personal injury litigation. Contact us and we will get you the compensation you deserve.

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