Pompano Beach accident attorneys Dell & Schaefer recover $24,000.00 for woman injured in guest room at Holiday Inn Hotel

Our client is a 45 year old woman who was visiting Central Florida with her husband for a weekend vacation with some friends. Just after midnight she got up to use the restroom. As she approached the entrance to the bathroom, her arm brushed up against the corner of the wall which had a large headed nail protruding from the plastic corner strip which ran floor to ceiling. The large headed nail penetrated her arm and ripped her skin open, causing her to bleed profusely from a two inch laceration.

Immediately after the accident, the front desk was called and the manager on duty came up to the room. The manager removed the entire plastic corner protector, as well as the nails that affixed it to the wall. Clearly, the nail that ripped our clients arm open should not have been sticking out and was not even the proper nail ever to be used for those plastic strips.

Client goes to emergency room for wound care and sutures

My client’s husband wrapped a towel around her arm and drove her to the emergency room at a local hospital. Our client was given a tetanus shot and received 7 sutures to close the wound on her arm, after it was properly cleaned. Upon returning to Pompano Beach, our client saw her personal physician to have the sutures removed. There was no other medical treatment required for our client’s injuries. Although her injury healed well, she was left with a permanent scar on her right arm.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company makes initial offer of $7,000.00, downplaying our clients scar and their responsibility

Three months after the accident, attorneys Dell and Schaefer prepared and presented our clients claim to Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. The hospital records and bills, together with photographs of the original injury, and photographs depicting the permanent scarring were submitted. After negotiations stalled, a lawsuit was prepared and a courtesy copy was provided to the adjuster at Liberty Mutual. Realizing that our client was not going to settle for an unfair amount, and that attorneys Dell and Schaefer were going to litigate this case, Liberty Mutual decided to offer a more fair settlement. One month after the initial offer, the case settled for $24,000.00. Our client was extremely satisfied with the settlement and was appreciative that her attorneys fought so hard to see that she got a fair settlement.

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