Port Charlotte Auto Accident Attorney Lawsuit For Fractured Knee

Our client, a 71 year old woman from Port Charlotte, Florida, was a passenger in her boyfriend’s motor home. There was an argument between our client and her boyfriend, at which time he decided to get out of the motor home for a cigarette. The only exit was through the passenger door, which was blocked by a foot stool that our client used during rides. The boyfriend angrily grabbed the stool, which struck our client in the knee. As a result our client sustained a severe injury to her knee, including a fracture and a torn meniscus.

Our client had to undergo extensive medical care and treatment, and, ultimately, underwent a surgical procedure to repair her meniscus. She has been required to wear a locking knee brace over a long period of time and continues to suffer major complications to her lifestyle due to the injuries.

In an effort to receive compensation, our client has hired Port Charlotte car accident attorneys Dell & Schaefer to represent her in this matter. We have filed a lawsuit in her behalf and have commenced aggressively representing her.

This case is an example of how injuries which stem from the use of a motor vehicle, even while doing such activities as entering and exiting the vehicle, can result in a lawsuit for which automobile insurance will cover. Many cases involve activities such as repairing the vehicle, pushing it, or unloading it can also lead to viable claims against insurance carriers.

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