Progressive Automobile Insurance Company Regularly Tries to Settle Cases at the Scene

Attorney Dennis SchaeferAuthor: Attorney Dennis Schaefer

For years clients have reported to me that the at- fault drivers insurance company showed up at the scene and offered them a check. Often these same clients had no idea that had they accepted the check, and signed the “paper work”, their case was over. These clients did not realize that the paper work was a release. A release is a legal document that prevents the injured party from any other legal action.

In the most hideous of cases, Dell and Schaefer, has been able to get the releases voided. This has allowed the client to go forward on their case. Usually we are able to do this because the client could not read, didn’t speak English or they had another intelligence issue. However, in cases where there are not extenuating circumstances the release would be held valid. In those cases the ability of the client to go forward was prevented.

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