Restaurant injury claim settles in less than 3 months

Attorney Jay KanterAuthor: Attorney Jay Kanter

Our client is a 25 year old student and restaurant employee who was out on a Sunday night with some friends at a popular beachfront bar/restaurant. She left her table to use the restroom when she suddenly and unexpectedly kicked a broken bar glass that was on the walkway on the outdoor patio that leads into the restaurant. Our client was wearing open toe sandals and her big toe was sliced open by the broken bar glass. The restaurant manager was very helpful but all efforts to stop the bleeding were unsuccessful. Her friends drove her to the emergency room at North Broward Hospital where the wound was cleaned before being sutured.

As a result of this injury our client incurred over $2,000.00 in medical bills for the emergency room physicians, the hospital and radiology. Additionally, she missed 2 days from work while she had a large bandage on her foot.

Attorneys Dell & Schaefer were retained in an effort to recover medical bills and lost wages. Fortunately, when the wound healed, the scarring was very minimal and there was not any significant injury to her foot. Attorneys Dell & Schaefer were able to settle our client’s case quickly for a confidential sum, which included compensation for pain and suffering, over and above the full payment of medical bills and wage loss.

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