Rideshare Automobile Accident Case Settles for $500,000

Attorney Daniel VillalobosAuthor: Attorney Daniel Villalobos

Client Gets Into An Accident While Using A Rideshare

Our client, a 40 year old hard working Florida resident from Cuba, was driving for a rideshare company such as Uber and Lyft. As he was dropping off passengers suddenly and without warning, a reckless and crazy driver who wasn’t paying attention lost control of the car for absolutely no justifiable reason and crossed over into oncoming traffic and struck our client almost head on. Fortunately, our client as well as the passengers, were wearing their seatbelts. The air bags deployed and the vehicle spun around 180 degrees and came to a rest on the side of the road. Multiple cars swerved out of the way and our client luckily was able to avoid multiple collisions. Nevertheless, our client suffered neck and back injuries that required immediate hospital attention. Not knowing what to do, our firm called the Miami Automobile Accident Attorneys Dell and Schaefer. Our firm sent out one of our attorneys to the client’s house to sign up the case.

Client Undergoes Surgery

After our client left the hospital, he knew something wasn’t right. He immediately got an MRI which showed multi level herniations up and down his spine. After a brief stint of conservative treatment failed to give any long term relief, our client knew surgery was the only option. Our client underwent a cervical fusion at C3-C4. After a few months of post surgery rehab, our client regained motion in his neck and the tingling/numbness sensations in his arms disappeared.

Dell and Schaefer Negotiate A Settlement

After the treatment finished our firm filed a bodily injury demand against the insurance company for the ride sharing company. The person that caused the accident had no insurance so our firm was able to file an uninsured motorist claim with the third party administrator for the ride sharing company. It is important to note that had our client been driving a regular Taxi, most likely he would not have this coverage available to him and would have been out of luck after being hit by an uninsured driver. After a lengthy negotiation, the case settled for $500,000.

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