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safekids-logoDell & Schaefer is deeply committed to children’s safety and working together to save children’s lives.

Safe Kids works in the United States and around the world to reduce traffic injuries, drownings, falls, burns, poisonings and more. Since their inception, there has been a 55 percent decrease in the unintentional injury rate among children 19 years and younger.

Safe Kids is dedicated to protecting kids from unintentional injuries, the number one cause of death to children in the United States. Throughout the world, almost 1 million children die of injuries each year.

When we talk about preventing injuries, we’re not talking about skinned knees, bruised shins and scraped elbows. Those are the telltale signs of a curious child, exploring the world, pushing limits and seeking adventure. But there are things we can all do to ensure that those bumps and bruises don’t turn into more disabling injuries and deaths.

Safe Kids focus is on the serious injuries.

Think of Sake Kids as your go-to source for safety information. On their site, you will find tips from top safety experts on everything you need to keep kids of any age safe from preventable injuries.

Sake Kids has organized all their information in a variety of ways, from age of your child to risk area to space and place an injury might occur.

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