Sentinel Reports on Orlando Truck Accidents, Fatal Car Accidents

Reporters Arelis R. Hernandez and Scott Powers recently contributed a story to the Orlando Sentinel about fatal vehicle accidents and the lasting effects they have on drivers, passengers and family members. The reporters spoke to drivers involved in these types of accidents and how they cope with the fallout from their actions.

Many of the drivers interviewed were not found to be at fault for their accident, but that does not ease their minds. One driver, who was sober when she struck and killed a drunk pedestrian three years ago, shared her experience and aftermath with the Sentinel.

“I unfortunately am a victim… that’s still alive,” said the driver. “You will always wonder if you could’ve done something different, gone a different way or left earlier… It is a part of who I am now.”

Victims of Orlando truck accidents are much more likely to be killed than in accidents with other types of vehicles. The attorneys at Dell & Schaefer have experience litigating these types of cases against trucking companies and drivers. Contact our firm today at (800) 383-7853 today for a free consultation.

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