Slip and Fall Attorneys Dell & Schaefer Get Settlement from Boca Hotel

Nonskid Floor Mats Don’t Always Work as Expected

Our client, a 54-year-old woman, was visiting South Florida. At the time of her slip and fall accident, she was staying at a very posh beachfront hotel in Boca Raton. Our client had spent most of the morning at the pool and beach and was entering the hotel when the accident occurred. She had just entered the doors to the hotel closest to the pool when she began to walk on a long, rather narrow, nonskid mat. The mat was placed in this particular location because many of the hotel guests using this entrance to the hotel were dripping wet from pool or ocean water. The floor underneath the mat was marble and, if not covered, could become very slippery.

As our client walked through the doors and onto the nonskid mat, she was forced to one side of the mat by oncoming guests leaving the hotel. As she stepped off the mat to the side, her foot slipped and skidded out from under her. This caused her to do a split and take a hard fall on her right side. She lay on the ground until she was assisted to her feet. As she observed the area where she fell, the marble floor adjacent to the mat was wet, and her dress was also soaked with water. She filed a report with hotel security. She was taken to Boca Raton Regional Hospital for treatment and diagnosis.

Client Contacts Slip and Fall Attorneys Dell & Schaefer

After contacting Boca Raton Slip and Fall Attorneys Dell & Schaefer, an investigation began. A careful analysis of the circumstances creating the dangerous condition that ultimately lead to the fall and injury of our client resulted in the following findings. The quantity of hotel guests entering the hotel and dripping wet from water was too great for the size of the nonskid mat used by the hotel. It is clear that the hotel recognized the need for a nonslip surface in the area of our client’s fall. However, after understanding the danger presented to its guests, the hotel failed to adequately provide safety measures to ensure that the event that happened would not. The hotel could have had a larger mat. The hotel could have policed the area during swimming hours. The hotel could have dried or change the soak mat when it could no longer provide the protection that it was intended to provide. The hotel did none of theses things. As a result of the inaction and negligence of the hotel, our client was badly hurt.

Dell & Schaefer Obtain Settlement from Negligent Hotel

A settlement for our client was achieved in this case. The settlement covered medical expense, pain and suffering and loss of her vacation. The most important issue to understand from this case is just because a business attempts to protect its patrons from injury or danger doesn’t mean they are not responsible for injury or loss, if that protection has been done in a negligent manner.

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