Stick to Your 2014 New Year’s Resolution

Each year we set resolutions with the larger goal of becoming our best selves possible. Shaking old habits is not the easiest task. However, by embracing new patterns needed to accomplish our resolutions we will be on our way to success.

Below are 2 simple tips to keep your resolutions or any goal you set for yourself.

Write It Down

Don’t overwhelm yourself only to feel burdened by your good intentions. For the best results, use a journal to make a list of your top 3 goals, and then, write down the actions that would commit you to make good decisions to keep your goals. Use your daily journal to keep track of your progress and accomplishments. Set time aside to articulate your thoughts and emotions surrounding your journey toward your resolutions. Your words make you accountable and can be your best motivator. And, if you hit a bump along the way, you can look back at your journal as a source of encouragement. Remember to have fun with the process.

Reward Yourself

It’s completely up to you to stick to any resolutions you make. Whatever your long term target, you can get there faster by deciding to reward yourself for reaching each short-term goal or significant milestone. This gives you something to look forward to, which can only happen when you have put in the effort required. When you think about the reward, and look forward to it, this should motivate you to achieve your next short term goal, or to hit another milestone. Putting in the effort needed to achieve an ultimate goal will be easier and you can enjoy all those rewards along the way.

There is a great joy that can come in challenging our set patterns and stepping out of what we are comfortable with doing. And even if you fall short or lose sight for a bit, every day is a new chance to give your resolution another go.

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