Tampa Bus Accident Causes Serious Injuries

The Miami Herald recently reported that nine people suffered serious personal injuries due to a Tampa bus accident.

The collision took place near the intersection of 56th and Hillsborough Avenue. Authorities believe the bus was making a sudden left turn into an office park and caused the accident. An oncoming car swerved but was unable to avoid a collision. The bus was struck by the car and then continued rolling, eventually crashing into a sign. The bus driver and its eight passengers were all admitted to area hospitals.

Multiple parties may be to blame in this sort of accident. The bus driver and bus company may be liable, as well as the driver that hit the bus. If the bus was forced to make this dangerous maneuver due to the reckless behavior of another driver on the road, then legal action could also be brought against that driver. Regardless of who caused the accident, anyone who suffered injuries may have the option of pursuing compensation for the pain and inconvenience that came from the harm they experienced.

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