Tenant Slips and Falls on Painted Concrete at Apartment Complex in Hollywood Florida

Attorney Dennis SchaeferAuthor: Attorney Dennis Schaefer

Our client fell while going down the painted concrete stairs at her rented apartment in Hollywood, Florida. As she was walking from her front door her sneakers got wet from the indoor outdoor carpeting that covered the porch area near the exit of her home. She took one step down to the second step and her wet foot slipped out from the painted concrete surface of the second step. She fell and slammed her foot against the concrete. After medical treatment it was determined that our client had a fractured fifth metatarsal (toe). She walked in a boot for six weeks. The insurance company denied liability, and refused to pay anything to settle her claim.
Attorneys Dell & Schaefer hired a coefficient of friction expert to give an expert opinion on the slippery surface she fell on. It was determined that the painted surface was below the standard required by the city building codes. This information proved that the property owner was negligent by using a paint that was not meant for floors. Once the expert’s report was sent to the insurance company, we were able to resolve the case for fair compensation. Our client was able to have all of her medical bills paid, attorney fees, and she received additional money tax free for her pain and suffering.

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