Tesla says you are less likely to get injured in a Model 3. Could technology be the main factor?

Attorney Jason MacriAuthor: Attorney Jason Macri

Apparently, the Tesla Model 3 is the safest vehicle on the road today. Tesla cites the fact that their vehicles are very strong, have perfect weight distribution and increased crumple zones as main factors in this increased safety. Neither Tesla nor the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have relied heavily on another reason however; Tesla vehicles are more self-autonomous than other vehicles on the road today. 

Distracted driving from smart phone and cell phone use is on the extreme increase. This may be because young people are frequently glued to their phones. Every year, a new batch of 16 year-olds get their driver’s licenses in Florida and takes to the road while still using their phones. Tesla seems to have combated the driver’s desire to use technology, such as a smart phone, while driving by placing certain technology in the car to help make it safer. This technology includes autopilot, with rear, side and forward facing cameras that can detect nearby cars and prevent potential collisions with those cars. Autopilot is marketed as the “future of driving.”

It appears that the more tasks that are taken away from the driver, the safer the roads become. Unfortunately, the vast majority of vehicles on the road today have none of the safety technology previously mentioned. This may be the reason why Wrongful Death as the result of car crashes is on the rise again after years of decline. Experts say that drivers who use their cell phones while driving are more dangerous than drunk drivers. Because these drivers are completely distracted and sometimes are not looking at the road while driving, the likelihood of an extremely violent vehicle crash increases. 

Because Wrongful Death as the result of vehicle crashes is on the rise, more and more families are turning to injury lawyers for help. There has never been a greater use for an injury lawyer than when a family is torn to shreds by an untimely and horrific death of a loved one and has nowhere to turn in order to help ease the pain of that terrible loss. Money can never bring back a loved one who has died but instead, is properly used to secure the future of the remaining family members who have experienced the worst possible loss. 

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