The Confusion of Several Injury Accidents – The Need for Experts

Attorney Dennis SchaeferAuthor: Attorney Dennis Schaefer

It is not uncommon, although unlucky, for a client to have more than one and sometimes several injury accidents. These facts always make their cases more difficult to resolve. However, it does not make them impossible to resolve. It requires very careful diagnosis by the treating physicians.

It is really of little significance what type of accidents has caused the injury. Our client could have had a slip and fall and then been in a car accident. The client might have had two slip and falls or two car accidents. The real issue is if the doctors are good enough diagnostically to specifically distinguish which accident caused which injury. Failure to be able to clearly distinguish injuries to accident will create a confusion that will be unable to overcome.

You might be aware of the expression, “lawsuits are a battle of experts.” In many cases this expression is true. In the topic of this article, it is very true. Without a medical expert who is able and willing to provide a medical opinion that distinguishes injuries your case will be lost. With an expert who can provide that information, you will be able to proceed successfully.

The need for top flight experts is necessary in almost all injury cases. Where to find them is a skill of our law firm. Feel comfortable to call Dell and Schaefer to consult on all of your legal questions. Be confident with our experience that we will be able to find a great expert for all your legal issues.

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