Three Injured in Palm Harbor Motorcycle Accident

Three people were severely injured in a Palm Harbor motorcycle accident between a Suzuki motorcycle and Chevy Ventura this summer when both vehicles overturned. An 82-year-old man was driving the Ventura and attempted a left turn, driving directly into the path of the motorcycle. Both vehicles collided and overturned, ejecting the driver of the Ventura.

The driver of the motorcycle was trapped after being ejected into the Ventura until emergency crews could rescue him. Both the driver of the Ventura and his 85-year-old passenger were taken to local hospitals with serious injuries. The driver of the motorcycle was also hospitalized after being rescued.

The driver of the Ventura was ticketed for an improper left turn.

Motorcycle accidents are prominent in Florida, where over 9,000 such accidents occur every year. Often, these accidents are caused by neglectful drivers of motor vehicles failing to recognize or yield to motorcycles on the road.

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