Two Killed in Beverly Hills Motorcycle Accident

A man and woman were killed in a Beverly Hills motorcycle accident this July after being cut off by another vehicle. The man and woman were riding their motorcycle when a Nissan pulled out in front of them, causing a collision. Both victims were ejected from the bike and hit the pavement.

The man and woman were transported to area hospitals where they both passed shortly afterwards due to the severity of their injuries. The driver of the Nissan suffered no injuries and was cited with one count of violating right of way.

Motorcyclists are often unseen on the road and are easy targets for reckless and negligent drivers. Motorcycles have a right to the road like all other motor vehicles, and an accident while on a motorcycle can leave victims with long-term injuries, lifelong medical care, extensive medical bills and even death. At the Dell & Schaefer Law Firm, we help victims of Florida motorcycle accidents get the justice and compensation they deserve.

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