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Unitrin Direct Car Insurance Claims

Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance was founded in 2000 as a subsidiary of Unitrin, Inc. With its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance offers consumer auto insurance policies in 25 states throughout the United States.

Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance offers comprehensive and collision insurance, towing reimbursement packages, medical coverage, property damage, liability insurance and even uninsured motorist coverage. The company strives to offer competitive rates and affordable pricing options. Unitrin expects to expand their sales area beyond the existing 25 states they currently offer auto insurance policies in.

Unitrin Direct allows consumers to purchase their policies directly online. The company also follows recognized insurance industry standards for obtaining discounts on premiums. For policy holders who pay their premium in full, Unitrin Direct offers a discount. Also, multi-policy discounts are offered for those customers who opt to purchase home insurance or renter’s insurance.

History of Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance

Henry Singleton formed Unitrin, Inc. in April of 1990. Singleton’s goal was to duplicate the successful results of Argonaut Group, Inc. in the American stock market. Eventually Unitrin, Inc. divided their business into three categories to increase revenue streams: property and casualty insurance, life and health insurance, and consumer finance services.

In 1994, Unitrin, Inc. was almost taken over by American General Corp. through a stock market buyout effort. To avoid the take over, Unitrin bought back over ten million of their shares. In response, American General Corp took Unitrin to court. A judge issued a restraining order preventing Unitrin from buying back their stocks as of September 1994. Unitrin refused to go ahead with the merger proposal from American General Corp., and in December of 1994, a Delaware judge overturned the restraining order. As 1995 came to a close, Unitrin had purchased back over 13.5 million shares with a price tag of $661 million and American General Corp dropped their demands for a merger.

As of July 2007, Unitrin took over Trinity Universal Insurance Company and Merastar Insurance Company. By doing so, Unitrin, Inc. increased their company revenue to over $267 million.

Though the headquarters for Unitrin Direct Auto is located in Chicago, Illinois, there are also main offices located in Tennessee, California, Scranton, Tampa, and Meriden. In 2007, Timothy D. Burns was named the Executive Vice President of Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance and is based out of the main office in Chicago, Illinois.

Financial Strength of Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance

Today, Unitrin Direct is dedicated to providing consumers affordable auto insurance policies with competitive rates. A.M. Best Company rates Unitrin Direct with an A- and listed Unitrin, Inc. as one of the leading financial service providers in the United States.

As of today, Unitrin, Inc. has over six million policy holders and over $9 billion in assets. Unitrin’s Property and Casualty Group has over $3.5 billion in assets, while their liabilities services have over $2.3 billion in assets. Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance is a growing company and is expected to continue their growth over the next ten years.

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