Watch for Leaking Refrigerator Cabinets

Attorney Dennis SchaeferAuthor: Attorney Dennis Schaefer

Our client, is a resident of Palm Beach County and a regular shopper at Publix in Boynton Beach. He has been shopping at the same store for over five years. Recently upon a shopping visit to his neighborhood Publix, he had a very violent fall. As a result of the fall, he was seriously injured and has asked the law firm of Dell & Schaefer to represent him.

Our investigation revealed that a refrigerated counter in the frozen juice area was leaking. This caused a small stream of water to continue to creep out from under the unit, onto the floor in front of the unit. Publix had been previously aware of this problem. It came to light that this was a problem that had been addressed on several previous occasions. Therefore the legal issue of notice did not present a problem in resolving this claim. Publix was on clear notice of the continuing nature of this problem.

After completing medical treatment a recovery was made to our client. Publix acknowledged their responsibility. It is an important lesson to learn when walking near any refrigerated cabinets, in any location, to be cautious of the potential of leaking parts and slippery floors.

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