Wellington Premises Liability Attorneys Dell & Schaefer Settle Case for $38,500 In Spite of Accident Occurring in Front of Plaintiff’s House

When you are injured in an accident occurring close to your home, you may initially fear that you won’t be able to pursue a lawsuit. After all, you may think, the defense attorneys on your case may argue that, since the accident happened close to your home, you should have known the area better and prevented the accident.

Nonetheless, if you are injured close to your home, don’t necessarily think that you can’t sue. You still may be able to pursue a lawsuit and recover compensation for your injuries.

Wellington Accident Leads to Wrist and Knee Injuries

Our client was a fifty-eight year-old man. At the time of his accident, he was in the street in front of his house riding his bicycle. He had made plans with his wife to go out for the day. His wife was taking some time, so our client decided to get on his bike and ride up and down the street in front of his and his neighbors’ houses.

After our client had ridden the bike for awhile, he began to ride back towards his house. As our client made a left turn and proceeded to drive up over the curb leading to the sidewalk from the street, his bicycle tire got stuck in a crack in the curb, the bike got stuck in place, and our client flew over the handle bars of the bike and onto the sidewalk. In the fall, our client badly injured both of his wrists and his knee. When the client hit the pavement, he heard multiple snaps in one of his wrists. After the accident, a bone was sticking out of our client’s wrist and his hand was hanging limply off of his arm. The other wrist was swollen to multiple times its original size. Our client’s knee was also badly hurting.

Following the accident, our client was transported immediately to the emergency room at a local hospital. X-rays were performed of our client’s wrist, and the emergency room Doctors recommended immediate, emergency surgery. The surgery was performed, and hardware (including a plate and screws) was placed into our client’s wrist. Our client was left with scars on his wrist that he will have for life.

Wellington Premises Liability Law Firm Dell & Schaefer Settles Case for $38,500

Following the physical therapy, our client initially feared that he might not be able to sue. After all, the accident had occurred right in front of his house. If he filed a lawsuit, the defense attorneys might argue that he lived right by the location of the accident, that he should have known the area, and therefore that he should have prevented the accident from happening.

Nevertheless, our client made the wise decision of hiring the Wellington Premises Liability Lawyers Dell & Schaefer. We filed a lawsuit on our client’s behalf.

Soon after the filing of the lawsuit, the defense attorneys on the case made the same argument that our client had feared: he lived by the sidewalk where the accident happened; he should have known about the crack in the sidewalk.

In response, we argued that, although the client did live close to the sidewalk where the accident happened, the crack was so small that nobody could be reasonably expected to detect it. We also argued that the accident had had a devastating effect on our client’s life. Our client was a very active person before the accident. He had a minor daughter, and he and his daughter used to do many outdoor activities together – including riding their bikes. After the accident, our client was much more restricted in these activities. This had a distinct effect on our client’s life (including his relationship with his daughter).

These arguments helped us to settle our client’s case for $38,500. Our client was happy with the result. Whereas he once feared he might not even be able to bring a lawsuit, we had now achieved a $38,500 settlement.

If you’re injured in an accident occurring close to your home, do not automatically think that you won’t be able to sue. Contact the Wellington Premises Liability Attorneys. We will get you the compensation you deserve.

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