When Shopping Carts Go Wild

Attorney Daniel VillalobosAuthor: Attorney Daniel Villalobos

Client Gets Whacked By A Shopping Cart

Our client, a retired New Yorker who relocated to Florida to enjoy her Twilight Years, was in a local supermarket doing her regular shopping. Due to a confidentiality clause in the settlement, our firm cannot disclose the name of the supermarket. However, rest assured it’s a large supermarket chain with enough power to hire the best lawyers in the State of Florida.  An employee of the supermarket was pushing several shopping carts back to the front entrance. Our client, who only had a basket, was walking in the area when suddenly she gets whacked by the shopping carts the employee was pushing. Our client launched backwards and fell on the ground.  Not believing what had just happened, and not knowing what else to do, our client called the Supermarket Injury Attorneys Dell and Schaefer to the rescue!

Client Undergoes Treatment

Our client, who’s age and preexisting medical conditions prohibited her from undergoing any invasive treatment such as surgery or injections, went to a chiropractor for medical care.  There, she underwent an intense physical therapy regimen. The MRI showed very little injury, but for some odd reason, our client still had residual pain on her side, lower back, and down her leg.  She stayed with the intense therapy regimen until it completed after approximately 35 sessions over four months. After the treatment was over, our client felt near 100% relief.

Dell and Schaefer Negotiate A Settlement

After the treatment was over, our firm filed a bodily injury demand with the supermarket directly. Our firm sought monetary compensation for bodily injury, aggravation of a preexisting condition, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, disfigurement, disability, mental anguish, property damage, past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and impairment of ability to earn future wages. After a lengthy negotiation, our firm settled the case for a very large sum. Due to the confidentiality clause, our firm is unable to disclose the amount of the settlement. However, it is worth noting that after we handed our client her settlement check she asked our firm if our attorney who represented her was actually superman in disguise.  We simply chuckled, thanked her for the compliment and told her we were just friendly local attorneys for everyone’s family. Call us for a free consultation, we do not charge a cost or fees unless we recover money for you.

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