Woman at wholesale store injured when box of ribs dropped on her head

Our client, a 63 year old woman from Davie, Florida, was shopping at a large wholesale store when she was looking over the meat freezer. At that time, an employee carrying a 50 pound box of ribs dropped the box onto our client’s head. The accident was reported immediately and an incident report was made.

Our client was shaken up and immediately went to Broward Medical Center Emergency room, where she was diagnosed with a closed head injury. A few days later, her complaints worsened and she returned to the ER and was diagnosed with a head injury and neck strain. She eventually sought treatment with orthopedic surgeons and a neurologist, undergoing nerve block injections and many months of physical therapy.

This woman contacted Dell & Schaefer to make a claim against the store. We made a demand upon the company, and after extensive negotiations, we were able to resolve our client’s claim. It became apparent that the store had the incident on video surveillance, and that we would have clearly been able to establish liability on the store’s employee.

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