Woman is able to win money from two insurance companies in an accident involving only one other car

Attorney Daniel VillalobosAuthor: Attorney Daniel Villalobos

Client Is A Passenger In A Vehicle Struck At An Intersection

Our client, a middle aged woman, was sleeping in her boyfriend’s vehicle as they were driving to Orlando, Florida from Miami, Florida. While he was watching his girlfriend get her beauty rest, he decided he needed a rest of his own as well. His choice of food? McDonalds of course! He pulled off the highway at the next exit in order to get his favorite Big Mac meal and take a small break from driving. This is the last thing he remembers for certain. As he crossed the intersection he thought the traffic light was green for him, but he could not be certain. Another driver entered the intersection in the perpendicular direction and T-boned his vehicle on the driver’s side. The accident knocked out the boyfriend and abruptly woke up the girlfriend. When the police arrived, he was not able to determine who had the green light and so he did not issue a citation to anyone. Because our firm decided to take the case we were not able to take both the boyfriend and girlfriend’s cases since the girlfriend had a bodily injury claim against the boyfriend in addition to the other car in the intersection. It would be a conflict of interest for us to represent the boyfriend and also sue the boyfriend at the same time. Thus, our firm took the girlfriend’s case only.

Girlfriend Undergoes Treatment And Dell and Schaefer Negotiate A Settlement

After the accident our client underwent treatment at a local chiropractor. After the treatment was over our firm filed a bodily injury demand against both the insurance company for the boyfriend and the insurance company for the other vehicle in the accident. Our firm sought monetary damages for bodily injury, aggravation of a preexisting injury, pain and suffering, disfigurement, disability, mental anguish, past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and impairment of ability to earn future wages. Both insurance companies declared they were not liable but they understood that it would be hard to prove that their clients had a green light since two cars cannot both have green lights at the same time in perpendicular directions. Both insurance companies agreed that my client’s case was valued at $50,000. After a lengthy negotiation, both insurance companies agreed to each pay $25,000 for a total payout to our client of $50,000.

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