XARELTO – what is good might also be very bad

Attorney Dennis SchaeferAuthor: Attorney Dennis Schaefer

Many prescription drugs can be very helpful and also very dangerous. Regardless of Federal Drug Administration trials and testing drugs can be very dangerous. It is very important when starting a new medication to be careful and mindful of all changes that you experience. It is vital that you inform your doctor at once.

Xarelto is a prescription drug that is used to reduce the chance of blood clots forming. Of course, it also has other benefits such as reducing the number of strokes, treating pulmonary embolisms and generally thinning the blood. There are specific common surgeries when the drug is prescribed to protect against blood clotting. These surgeries are not limited to but include many of the joint replacement procedures.

However you must be clear and concise when giving your doctor facts pertaining to your present medical situation. You must also be clear about the medications and other substances you take, and the amounts and frequency you take them. These facts are essential for the doctor to be aware of before you begin using Xarelto. Failure to be accurate could have very serious medical consequences and the remote chance but possibility of death.

Unfortunately, Xarelto, has been found to cause very serious health issues in too many unsuspecting people. It can cause excessive bleeding with symptoms from nose bleeds, gum bleeding, blood in the urine, coughing up of blood and other increasingly more severe issues. If you have questions or have experienced any harm from use of Xarelto call Dell and Schaefer. We will be able to help you.

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