Aventura Car Accident Attorney recovers $110,000 for injured client

Aventura man is seriously injured in auto accident

When an Aventura man was injured by a careless young driver, he turned to Aventura Car Accident Attorneys Dell & Schaefer to insure he received the right settlement for his injuries and suffering.

The 34-year-old parking valet was injured when a young man who recently received his driver’s license ran a red light, making an illegal left-hand turn, striking our client’s vehicle on the driver’s side door. The impact was so great that our client’s right wrist was broken as he braced for the oncoming vehicle by gripping his steering wheel with his right hand. Our client remained trapped inside of his vehicle until Fire Rescue arrived and physically removed him. He was immediately rushed to Aventura Hospital with complaints of severe right wrist pain, neck and lower back pain.

Aventura auto accident victim rushed to hospital with severely deformed wrist

The attending hand physician on call at the hospital noted that our client appeared suffer from a “severe deformity” of his wrist and immediately set the fractured wrist back into place and applied a splint. X-rays of the wrist revealed a distal displaced fracture. Our client was immediately scheduled for wrist surgery the following day. He would remain in the hospital overnight while physicians prepared for his surgery.

Car accident victim receives surgery to repair displaced fracture

The day after his accident, our client was scheduled for a closed reduction and percutaneous fixation of the right distal radius and distal ulna. This surgery was intended to repair the displaced fracture of his wrist. Metal wire was used to close the fracture and allow the bone to set and heal. Approximately two hours later, the surgery was over and our client was discharged from the hospital with instructions that he should not use his right arm for several weeks. He was also instructed to return for follow-up care over the next several weeks.

Client learns of defendant’s minimal auto insurance coverage of $10,000

Initially, it was thought that the owner of the vehicle that struck our client had $500,000 in bodily injury coverage through Chubb insurance company. This amount appeared to be adequate enough to get our client compensated for his injuries. It was later learned that the police report was not accurate and mistakenly listed a previous owner of the vehicle as the defendant. Apparently, the previous owner sold the subject vehicle to the defendant approximately two days before the accident. The defendant purchased the vehicle for her son, a new and inexperienced driver, so he could use it as a learner’s vehicle. Unfortunately, his inexperience ended up costing our client greatly as it was then learned that the actual defendant only carried $10,000 in bodily injury coverage. Our client was now in a position where the defendant’s auto insurance coverage would not compensate him in any way.

Client fortunately had uninsured motorist coverage

Luckily, unbeknownst to our client, his wife previously purchased Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM) coverage through their auto insurance policy. The policy afforded the couple coverage in the amount of $100,000 per person, $300,000 total per accident. This meant our client would be covered by his own automobile insurance for up to $100,000 worth of injury damages. This was an extremely important factor in this case. If our client’s wife hadn’t purchased the UM coverage from their own insurance company, the maximum amount of recovery in this case would’ve been $10,000. Because of their choice to purchase UM, the maximum recovery was increased to $110,000.

Aventura auto accident victim heals well

Our client’s surgery was a success and all signs pointed to a positive recovery. His fractured bones appeared to be healing well and his hand strength was reported to be on the incline. Though he would be left with a rather large scar on his arm from the fracture and subsequent surgery, he would no doubt be able to return to a relatively normal life within several months. Based on this information, our attorneys began to negotiate a settlement.

34-year-old Aventura auto accident victim decides to settle case

Initially, it appeared that the only way to compensate our client would be to file a lawsuit against the defendant. There appeared to be a minimal amount of $10,000 in coverage available which certainly could not compensate our client in any way. Once it was discovered that there was $100,000.00 available in UM coverage, the grim outlook changed. A demand was made for the full amount of UM coverage available. Initially, the insurance company did not offer the total amount of UM coverage. Our attorneys notified the insurance company that in no uncertain terms would our client ever accept any amount below the policy limits. After some negotiation, our attorneys were able to secure the full amount of UM coverage for our client.

Aventura auto accident attorneys Dell and Schaefer recover $110,000 settlement for victim

Aventura auto accident attorneys Dell and Schaefer were able to recover a settlement of $110,000 on behalf of our client. After negotiating a reduction of outstanding medical bills – which were in excess of $100,000 – our client was able to receive compensation in excess of $50,000. This amount would help him cover his expenses while he recovered from his injuries. It would also ensure that he was reimbursed for his heart-wrenching ordeal.

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