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Since 1979 our Florida Car Accident Attorneys have represented more than 10,000 individuals that have been seriously injured in an auto accident due to the negligence of another person or a defective tire / vehicle. Our Florida Car Accident Lawyers understand the difficulties and financial hardships that a person injured in a Florida auto accident experiences.

An auto accident with injuries is a horrible event; however the aftermath of dealing with medical bills, car insurance companies, medical treatment and lost wages can be worse. Our job as Florida Car Accident Attorneys is to do whatever it takes to obtain maximum financial recovery for your pain and suffering, past and future medical bills, and past and future lost wages.

If it has been more than 24 hours since your car accident, then it is likely that either your car insurance company or the insurance company of the person that caused the accident has tried to contact you. A person injured in an automobile accident in Florida should never speak to an insurance company without speaking to a lawyer first.

We always offer a free initial consultation, so we encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

Once we are retained, we take care of everything so that our client can focus on receiving the medical treatment that he or she needs. We assist our clients with the process of obtaining doctor appointments and medical treatment, so that they can receive the best medical care possible in an expedient manner. We immediately begin to investigate your car accident, so that we can determine who is responsible for causing your injuries and whether they have any insurance or assets to compensate you for your injuries. In order to make a financial recovery, we must prove that our client was not liable for causing the accident.

There are no fees or cost to hire us and we only get paid if we make a financial recovery for our client.

In almost every car accident in Florida, it is an auto insurance company and not the individual that caused your injuries that will be paying for your damages. Auto insurers are multi-billion dollars companies that will look to challenge your claim and pay as little as possible for your injuries. Our Florida personal injury attorneys have been battling these auto insurance companies for more than 30 years and we are familiar with all of their tactics. Our lawyers deal with these companies on a daily basis and we know what it takes to make them pay. We demand maximum payouts for all our clients. More than 90% of our cases are resolved without the need to file a lawsuit and we have a 99% success rate. The car insurance companies are aware that we have the skill and financial resources to take them to court if they refuse to pay. We have recovered more than $300 million dollars for our clients.

Check out some of our resolved Florida car accident cases and ask us about cases similar to yours when you contact us. You can also check out our Florida car accident Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

Car Insurance Companies

Check out our auto insurance company pages below to learn more about these insurance companies and specific cases against them.

Do You Know Your Rights Following A Florida Auto Accident?

Under Florida law, the owner a vehicle is required to maintain auto insurance. Florida auto insurance law is complicated and it is important to hire an experienced attorney that deals with auto accident cases on a daily basis. For example, Florida is a “no fault” state, which means that if you have auto insurance, then your car insurance company is responsible to pay the first $10,000 of your medical bills and lost wages. Additionally, the owner of a motor vehicle is jointly responsible for any damages caused by his or her car regardless of who is driving the car. It is important to pursue your claim in a timely manner or it could be barred.

Our Florida Car Accident Cases

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