Florida Defective Vehicle Accident Attorneys

It seems that almost every week there is a car manufacturer that issues some kind of vehicle recall. As Florida product liability attorneys we have been involved in defective vehicle lawsuits and claims against Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz.

Defective vehicle claims in Florida resulting in serious injuries or death can be caused by defective vehicle design, defective airbags, faulty seatbacks, defective seatbelts, flawed manufacturing process, defective windows, or a lack of crashworthiness.

A vehicle defect will either cause a vehicle to lose control resulting in injury or a person will be in an accident and the crashworthiness of the vehicle caused severe injuries to the occupant.

An example of a vehicle crashworthiness theory would be a person that is in a rollover accident and the roof crushes causing serious injury.

It is reasonably foreseeable that cars will be in accidents, therefore manufacturers have a duty to design cars that will be safe in an accident.

There have been numerous roof crush cases filed against Ford for the design of their older model Ford Explorers.

In order to prove a vehicle a has a defective design or manufacturing defect our Florida product liability lawyers have worked with automotive experts nationwide such as accident reconstructions, engineers, black box experts, vehicle dynamics and stability experts, professional drivers and former car manufacturer mechanics and employees.

Our law firm has the financial resources and experience to do whatever it takes to obtain maximum compensation for our clients.

Our Florida Defective Vehicle Accident Cases

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