Florida Bicycle Accident Attorneys

While Florida has the most amount of bicyclists in the United States, most Florida cyclists and drivers are unaware of the specific Florida biking laws. As Florida bike accident attorneys we have represented numerous bicyclist that have been severely injured or killed while riding their bike.

Some of these Florida bike accidents involve crashes with car or trucks, while others have involved defective bikes, negligent placement of construction roadway markers, improper maintenance of roadway, and careless cycling by another cyclist on the road.

Beyond our years of experience as Florida bike accident lawyers, our managing trial attorney, Gregory Dell is an experienced cyclist that has cycled thousands of miles and participated in the races such as Florida Ironman. It is important to hire a Florida personal injury law firm that has experience with bicycle accidents and understands the rules of the road.

Click here to download the Florida Bicycle Law Enforcement GuideIn state of Florida a “bicycle is classified as vehicle” and there are numerous state statutes written that deal specifically with Bicycles. A cyclist is required to follow the same rules of the road that apply to all drivers; however a driver is required to obey the laws that have been designed to protect bicyclist.

To learn more about Florida bike laws and the rules of the road for both bicyclist and drivers, we recommend that you download the Florida Bicycle Law Enforcement Guide by the Florida Bicycle Association. Click on the cover at the right to download the guide.

Defective Bicycle Accident Cases

In many of our Florida bike accident cases we have worked closely with an accident reconstructionist, engineer, bike safety expert, roadway construction expert, human factors expert, metallurgist, and professional cyclist in order to prove that our client was not responsible for the injuries sustained in the accident.

Bike accidents caused by a defect in the bicycle are always challenged by the bike manufacturer and the shop that sold the bike. The defense will often argue that the owner of the bike failed to maintain the bike properly; therefore the bike malfunctioned or broke. Additionally, the defense will argue that the bike came with a user care manual and the bike owner should have followed the instructions in the manual.

In many bike accident cases it is the negligent construction or maintenance of the bike by a local bike shop that causes a bike to malfunction. We have handled Florida bike accident injury claims against bike manufacturers such as Cannondale, Trek, Specialized, Raleigh, and Giant. In additional we have handled brain injury cases dealing with a defect in a bicycle helmet.

Our Florida Bicycle Accident Cases

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