Florida Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Almost every night on the local news there is some sort of story about a person that was walking on the sidewalk or street when they were struck by a car. Our Florida Pedestrian Attorneys have represented hundreds of individuals that have been injured by a car or bicycle while they were either walking, jogging, working on the street or just sitting at bus stop waiting for the bus. Florida has established specific laws that drivers are required to follow in order to yield to pedestrians. Since 1979, our Florida Pedestrian Lawyers have seen just about every type of pedestrian accident you can think of.

The majority of pedestrian auto accidents take place at intersections and crosswalks where drivers fail to yield the right of way. Additionally we have represented numerous constructions workers that have been struck by drivers while working on the roads.

In any case which a pedestrian has been injured in Florida, it is our law firm’s job to obtain compensation for our client’s loss income, past and future medical bills, and pain and suffering. We encourage you to contact us at anytime for a free phone consultation or in-person meeting to learn how we can help you.

In most of our Florida pedestrian accident cases we work with our in-house investigator to take pictures and video of the accident scene. We then retain experts such as engineers, accident reconstructionist, traffic signal experts, human factors experts, and roadway construction experts.

In most cases there are very few eye witnesses, therefore it is important to rely on scientific evidence in order to prove your case. We always assume that the defense will challenge a case and claim the pedestrian is at fault. We prepare to prove your case for day one and we do whatever it takes to obtain the compensation that you deserve.

Our Florida Pedestrian Accident Cases

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