Florida Negligent Security Injury Attorneys

Our Florida negligent security attorneys have represented individuals that have been harmed at a hotel, night club, shopping mall, stadium, amusement park, parking garage, school, church, office building, restaurant, apartment complex, casino, bank, gas station, or on a cruise ship.

When Florida property owners fail to take proper measures to ensure the safety of those present it may lead to visitors or residents being severely injured, robbed, raped, assaulted or otherwise harmed. While the property owners are not the ones who actually caused the injuries, the property owners may be held liable for failing to prevent or warn against it.

Some examples of negligent security may involve:

  1. Insufficient lighting in a parking lot or common area
  2. Broken gates or door locks which allow for easy access by intruders
  3. Lack of security cameras
  4. Lack of security guards in area that has a history of crime
  5. No secure entry for apartment complexes
  6. Insufficient video surveillance
  7. Lack of warning or notification about recent criminal activity
  8. Failure to implement reasonable and ordinary security measures to protect customers

These inadequate security cases are often complex. Having an experienced Florida negligent security lawyer on your side is important to achieve a successful financial recovery. These cases need to be investigated immediately as pertinent evidence is known to disappear quickly. Our lawyers often work with local law enforcement to help obtain evidence necessary to win our case and to prosecute the individual responsible for causing harm to our client. We know how to investigate and handle these cases in order to give our clients the best chance at receiving maximum compensation.

As a general rule, property / business owners are not liable for crime occurring on their property. However, if there has been a pattern of crime on or around the business property, or if the nature of the business makes it susceptible to criminal activity, the law will impose upon a business owner a duty to implement reasonable security measures designed to prevent or deter future crimes. It is only necessary the landowner be able to foresee that some injury will likely result in some manner as a result of his negligence. If a similar event has occurred at the same property more than once, then it is much easier to prove liability.

In most cities throughout Florida, the local police departments maintain “crime grids”, which are reports that will specify all of the crimes in the specific region within a specific date period. The crime grids are public information that can be requested by anyone.

Our Florida Negligent Security Injury Cases

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