North Miami Beach Hotel Guest Receives Settlement Following Parking Lot Robbery

Client was a 52 year old woman on a business trip in North Miami Beach, Florida and reserved a 2 night stay at an economy exterior corridor hotel.

Client arrived at the hotel one night after work and was the victim of a strong-armed robbery while walking through the parking lot to her room. The robbers took her purse and briefcase and threw her to the ground, causing her to sustain a fractured arm, as well as, cuts and bruises to her knee and hip.

Negligent Security Attorneys Dell & Schaefer were retained by client, who was seeking compensation for her injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Upon investigation and reviewing a crime grid for the area of the hotel, Dell & Schaefer attorneys realized that an inordinate amount of strong-arm robberies occurred in a small radius surrounding this hotel, with many actually occurring on their property.

The hotel was aware that this was a high crime area and had 2 security guards on the premises during nighttime hours. Unfortunately for our client, on this particular night, both security guards were inside the hotel watching television while our client was being assaulted and robbed less than 200 feet away.

It was the position of Attorneys Dell & Schaefer that had the security guards been visibly patrolling the parking lot that this incident would probably not have occurred. Notwithstanding security being present, they clearly did not act reasonably or properly to provide any security measures to protect the hotel patrons.

Client settled her injury case with the hotel insurance company for a confidential amount.

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