Florida Life & Accidental Death Insurance Claim Denial Attorneys

Our life insurance attorneys have been involved in numerous claims in which a life insurance company refuses to pay death benefits. Most of our life insurance cases involve either an Accidental Death and Dismemberment claim denial or situations in which the life insurance company alleges that the decedent committed fraud and misrepresented statements in the application for life insurance.

Most life insurance policies have a two year incontestability provision, which means that during the first two years an insurance company can rescind or void a life insurance policy due to a misrepresentation in the application. Following the two year period, most states require an insurance company to prove a fraudulent misrepresentation in order to reasonably deny a claim.

Disputed life insurance claims are complicated, because the decedent cannot respond to allegations that are being made after he or she dies.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (“AD&D”) claims require an insurance company to pay a death benefit if the decedent died as a result of an accident. In all of our AD&D claim denials, the insurance company argues that the survivor is not entitled to a death benefit because of the exclusions in the AD&D policy.

For example, our AD&D attorneys have handled numerous claims in which a person had alcohol in their blood when they died driving a car. The insurance company claims the decedent was committing a criminal act and therefore is not entitled to coverage.

We have had cases where a person has a heart attack while driving and then dies in a car crash. The insurance company denies death benefits and claims that the heart attack killed the decedent and not the auto accident.

It is important to hire an AD&D lawyer that is familiar with the complicated laws in this area. Our AD&D lawyers are constantly tracking cases around the country involving AD&D claim denials. We are familiar with all of the tactics used by life insurance companies to deny claims. We regularly work with beneficiaries, personal representatives, and trustees in order to prosecute wrongful denials of AD&D claims.

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