Do I Have “Full Car Insurance Coverage” Following a Florida Car Accident?

Most people with car insurance in Florida drive around thinking they have “full coverage”. In fact, when asked the vast percentage of our clients will answer that they indeed have full coverage. Unfortunately, most people don’t have “full coverage”. One of the single most misunderstood areas of car insurance coverage is uninsured motorist coverage. Insured’s rarely if ever know what this coverage protects, let alone the nuances of the coverage. Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage (“UM Coverage”) becomes effective if the person that caused the accident either has no car insurance or not enough car insurance to cover your injuries.

Under Florida law, every person with bodily injury coverage car insurance has UM Coverage unless they specifically reject it in writing. The insurance company has the burden to provide the proof that the insured rejected the UM coverage in writing. Unfortunately many people with car insurance reject the UM coverage in order to save money.

Let’s take a look at a case handled by our Florida car accident attorneys in which our client thought he had $50,000 of UM coverage, but we were able to prove that he was entitled to $500,000 of coverage »

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