Dog Bites Q & A

Attorney Daniel VillalobosAuthor: Attorney Daniel Villalobos

Q: What types of dog bites are most common?
A: Typically the most common injuries sustained by dog bites are lacerations and puncture wounds. More serious dog bite cases have fractures on the arms and hands. Infections from dog bite wounds can also result.

Q: What breed of dogs are more inclined to bite and attack humans?
A: Any dog may attack for any reason, more so if the dog is not neutered. However some breeds are known for being more aggressive than others. Some of the most aggressive dogs are:

Q: Who should I call if I have been bitten by a dog?
A: You should immediately call 911 and have them dispatch both an ambulance and the police. Dog bite wounds if left untreated can result in serious complications, infections, scarring, and diseases if the dog has not had its shots. The police will be able to speak to the owner to get the pertinent information about the dog. The police can also remove the dog from the street and send it to the Florida Animal Control Association or some other government agency to determine if the dog is a dangerous dog.

Q: Who is responsible for a dog attack?
A: This is a legal question that varies on a case by case basis. However under the current Florida law an owner is primarily responsible for most dog bite attacks that occur, whether or not the owner was present at the time of the attack and regardless of whether or not the dog was known to be aggressive. Liability can vary though if the dog is provoked, if the victim was trespassing on the property, or if the owner had a warning sign up on his property that warned people of a dangerous dog present.

Q: How much compensation can I receive if I am bit by a dog?
A: Compensation varies depending on several factors. Some of these factors are the amount of lacerations, puncture wounds, fractures, permanent scarring, the location of the injuries, medical expenses, lost income, loss of consortium, pain and suffering, disfigurement, and physical and emotional distress.

Q: Does insurance cover a dog bite?
A: It is possible that the dog owner’s homeowners insurance or renters insurance will cover a dog bite. This is why it is very important to have the police write up a report and put the homeowners or renters insurance information on the police report.

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