How Do You Know If You Have A Personal Injury Case?

Attorney Daniel VillalobosAuthor: Attorney Daniel Villalobos

This is the million dollar question. Everyone knows if they are injured in an automobile accident or a slip and fall, they should call a lawyer to see if they are entitled to any compensation for their injuries. However often times people are hurt by the negligence of others, and the victims were never aware they were even entitled to any compensation. Recent cases our firm has settled were:

1. A fish bowl caved in while our client was moving it across the room slicing our client’s finger and causing nerve damage. Our firm sued three companies — the manufacturer, the distributor, and the seller of the fish bowl.
2. The bathroom stall door fell down while our client was in the restroom of a casino causing a tear in our client’s knee which required surgery. Our firm sued the casino and the maintenance company.
3. A cooked cockroach was found in our client’s Chinese food causing our client to vomit and get his stomach pumped at the hospital. Our firm sued the restaurant.
4. A bicycle tire popped on a brand new bicycle causing our client to flip over the handle bars and break his arm. Our firm sued the manufacturer, the distributor, and the seller of the bicycle.
5. Our client’s shoe broke apart while bowling causing her to fall and break her nose. Our firm sued the manufacturer of the shoe company.
6. Our client was on the escalator which abruptly stopped causing her to fall down the escalator and injure her back. Our firm sued the escalator company.
7. Our client was test driving a car when the air bags suddenly exploded without warning and without provocation causing injury to our client’s face and ears. Our firm sued the car manufacturer for a product defect.
8. Our client was shopping at the supermarket when an employee pushing carts ran our client over. Our firm sued the supermarket.
9. Our client was climbing a ladder while the homeowner held the ladder for him. The homeowner walked away for a second and our client fell off the ladder. Our firm collected money from the defendant’s homeowner’s insurance policy.
10. Our client was injured while her friend was driving a boat erratically causing our client to fall off her chair from the boat rocking in the ocean. Our firm sued the boat owner for the negligent operation of his boat.
11. Our client jumped into a hotel pool and developed a rash called folliculitis. Our firm sued the hotel company and pool cleaning company.
12. Our client punched an arcade punching bag in an arcade hall and his hand swung around and struck the change machine which was too close to the punching bag causing a laceration to his hand. Our firm sued the arcade company.
13. Our client was standing in the yard of her mother when a gust of wind suddenly caused a tree to break and fall on our client. Our firm collected money from the homeowners insurance for the mother.

So as you can see, personal injury cases encompass more than just automobile accidents and slip and falls. There are a lot of ways to get hurt. But there is only one place to call. If you are hurt in any type of accident, Call the Injury Attorneys Dell and Schaefer! Our firm does not charge a fee or cost unless we recover money for you.

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