How soon do I need to seek representation after suffering an injury on a cruise ship?

Immediately upon returning home. The Statute of Limitations (the time period in which to file a claim) is very limited in cruise ship cases. In most cases you have 1 year to file a lawsuit. Failure to file within 1 year will forever bar any claim you may have. Additionally, most cruise lines require written notice of a claim much sooner. Some cruise lines require notice of your injury within 60 days. The ticket for passage outlines the claimant’s mandatory responsibilities to file a claim. Additionally, it is very important to seek immediate medical attention upon returning home. The basic medical care and diagnosis given by cruise ship medical staff is often not comprehensive and does not address the complete scope of the treatment that may necessary. As it is usually emergency care only, a complete diagnosis may not even be available. It is also important to document the extent of the injuries and treatment that may be needed for your case. Using local medical specialists and doctors will allow us easy access to the medical records and documentation our cruise ship attorneys need to prove the extent of your injuries, pain and suffering. Having the proper medical documentation will allow us to maximize the financial recovery or damages you may be entitled to collect.

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