I slipped and fell at Walmart. Are they going to pay my medical bills?

Attorney Jason MacriAuthor: Attorney Jason Macri

Many people slip and fall at Walmart due to a either a puddle of water or other type of slippery substance on the floor. Much of the time a Walmart employee will respond to the scene of the fall and offer assistance. Usually, the employee will also call the manager who will come to the scene and attempt to find out what happened. The manager will typically offer to call for an ambulance and then prepare an incident report indicating what happened. Many people want to know who will pay medical bills related to that fall.

Most people believe that if they get injured because of Walmart’s negligence then Walmart will pay their medical bills. Typically, someone from Walmart corporate will call the injured person after their slip and fall and offer assistance. They may even offer to help the injured person find a doctor or to pay for some medical bills. They will first, however, want a signed medical authorization form. With that signed authorization form they will be able to delve deep into the injured person’s medical history. This is typically Walmart’s attempt to show that the fall at Walmart was not the sole cause of the injury complaints. Walmart will not pay even the most minor medical bill without a signed medical authorization form.

Walmart will not typically pay a person’s medical bills without the involvement of a lawyer. They know that most non-lawyers wouldn’t have a clue how to sue Walmart and even if they were able to figure out how to file the lawsuit, they wouldn’t know what steps to take in order to prove Walmart was negligent. This is why having legal representation in a slip and fall is extremely important. Walmart will not be concerned with being sued if the injured person does not have a lawyer.

Even with the introduction of the affordable care act, many people still do not have health insurance. Most people are very concerned with whether their medical bills will be paid or not. Sometimes an injured person will actually reject emergency medical attention just based on the fact that they are worried about getting billed. This should never happen. Not getting the appropriate medical treatment may cause the injuries to worsen. A simple injury may become exponentially worse because of lack of treatment.

If a person becomes injured at Walmart, they should get immediate medical treatment and then call an experienced lawyer. That lawyer will ensure that Walmart is held responsible for the injuries and will not only make sure that the outstanding medical bills are considered paid in full but will ensure compensation for pain and suffering in the past and into the future.


Thursday, April 11, 2019

My mom slip in fell at Walmart. Now Walmart is saying they can’t help her because they believe the liquid on the floor came from somebody grabbing some lettuce and dripping water on the floor. My mother is 57 years old and been injured. Right is right and wrong is wrong and this is very very wrong.

Thursday, April 11, 2019
Attorney Jason Macri:

Hi Alicia,

Where is the Walmart located? When did this happen? Did your mom get injured? If so, what are her injuries? Do you know if this incident was captured by surveillance cameras? If so, has Walmart shown you the video? Please feel free to call us so that we can let you know how we may be able to help.

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